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Improving website conversion can dramatically increase online sales or lead generation

Does it annoy you to see 99% of your web traffic arrive at your website only to leave without doing anything? Would improving the conversion rate of your web site traffic have a positive impact on your bottom line?

Learn before you spend...

Welcome to the Conversion Chronicles, a website dedicated to helping you to improve website conversion rates throughout the pages of your site through education, articles and resources. By improving internet conversion rates consistently you increase internet sales and improve lead generation which in turn drastically effects your bottom line.

The Old Farmers Mascara

Finding Your Audience in the Age of Web Analytics

Marketers have always grouped their target audiences into different types of people based on various criteria. For instance, they might group people based on their age, gender, .....

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Beyond guidelines: Advanced Accessibility Techniques

When creating accessible websites, most web developers and web managers tend to follow the W3C accessibility guidelines1. And rightly so - they are the most comprehensive accessibility resource on the Internet after all.

The W3C accessibilit.....

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How Adjectives Can Kill Your Conversion Rate

The billboard featured a close-up of a large slice of steaming pizza. And the headline said: Ooey Gooey Pizza. A woman walking by (and this is a true story taken from a respected medical journal) read the billboard and then promptly lurched into so.....

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