Recruiting for Analytics Work

I am developing a site designed to help analytics specialists get a job. If you have skills at any level in Adobe Analytics, GA4 or Piwik Pro join the newsletter to be informed of new opportunities.

Three ways I can help

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Why join the navy when you can be a Pirate?

The Chronicles, sent every weekend will go deep on a single subject to do with data, analytics or digital marketing. All of it is designed to help you understand, use and communicate with data better than before and improve your chances of getting a job. We will also send you a free eBook about how not to suck at marketing and advertising the sucking manifesto.

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Asking Why eBook

Asking why is a book which you can buy today for €37. It's designed to explain and through the use of real case studies how companies have improved their conversion rates, detailing what we did using the MAP. I've yet to see a dataset that didn't have gold buried in it. The MAP is a set of tools that point you to those opportunities in your data. But more importantly communicate that data.

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This is a course designed to take the principles in Asking Why and show you hands on how the MAP is implemented. I'll go into methods to draw up your MAP, understand how to identify your own business objectives, spot the signals in your data and then act upon them. A series of short videos which are under development. Sign up free to be informed when its ready.

Captain Blackbeak of the Conversion Chronicles

Hello, I am Steve Jackson former CEO of an Analytics Agency for a decade

Understanding what data can do for you can change your life.

It changed mine and led to a long career in which I ran two agencies both of which were acquired, made my clients €100s of millions in verified gains and led to 3 books.

An open letter to the data curious

Being data curious is about opening yourself to the possibilities that data can improve your situation, whether you are in marketing, sales, the media, business to business sales or even heavy industries like construction.

The data curious understand that regardless of their position in the company they work in, making decisions based on data is much more likely to yield a good outcome.

Join us

Join the rest of the data curious. I will be actively recruiting from my newsletter in 2024 so if you are interested in a career in Analytics as a pioneer in the industry for the past 20 years I may be able to help you. Sign up now so you don't miss the opportunity.

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