The MAP means measurable analytics patterns. What we have designed is a set of tools you can use to get the information you need from analytics tools.

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Who is Steve Jackson (Cap'n Blackbeak)

Over the past 2 decades working with data;

  • I've founded and sold 2 analytics agencies
  • Helped the acquiring companies successfully grow their business in magnitudes worth multiple millions per year.
  • Made my clients 10s of millions in verified earnings or savings personally.
  • Led teams of Analysts who made or saved our clients hundreds of millions in verified earnings.
  • Hired over the course of that time over 100 people many of whom have gone onto leadership positions in large companies or on the agency side.
  • Written 3 books on the subject of digital marketing and analytics.
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The MAP is a system designed to turn you into a data curious detective.

The system is based on the book (which comes as part of the offer) Asking Why.

I'll take you through a series of lessons which will show you how to;

Draw out your MAP

  • Set goals and business objectives
  • Map them out into how you (R)each, (E)ngage, (A)ctivate and (N)urture your prospects regardless of the type of business you work in
  • Working with business questions

Spot Signals

  • Learn how to develop segments
  • Learn how to dig deeper
  • Learn how to create flags that show you potential opportunities to improve


  • Once you have your business questions it's time to find out the answers
  • Finding out what is happening versus asking why and mapping the actions you can take
  • Creating a hypothesis


  • Finally it's telling everyone about what you find in a way that makes you the hero of the story
  • Monetising findings
  • Reporting as a story rather than just a dashboard

We're not quite ready to set sail with this yet so for now please just register your interest and we'll email you when it's ready. As an early bird you'd get 25% off the list price when it comes out.

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Money back guarantee

When the product is ready, if you ask for a refund within two weeks of the purchase I will refund with the condition a reasonable reason is given.

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What they say


What I admire about Steve is his determination in pushing the organizations gently towards quality tools and better business understanding through web analytics. Besides, he's a really nice guy - highly recommended!

Leevi Kokko

Steve's insights in analytics are beyond traditional by the book knowledge that shamefully many analytics people rehash. If you ever need somebody to take your analytics to the next level, don't hesitate to contact Steve.

Marko Polojarvi

If you’re interested in identifying clear goals for your organisation, convincing those around you that you’re onto something, truly understanding where the data comes from, what the tools do, and then how to delve into the data, you’ve come to the right place. Steve has been there and done that.

Jim Sterne

Having written the book on web analytics and how to use it to drive value for your business, Steve is a man on a mission to do exactly that for his clients. We’ve worked together on several projects over the years, Steve has been a valued partner and fellow team member with deep technical knowledge, intuitive strategic thinking, and a talent for focusing in on key business insights.

Making analytics accessible, relevant, and exciting is a feat of great courage that Steve accomplishes with remarkable skill and aplomb. He is a seasoned professional who truly groks his discipline, a valuable partner and comrade in the struggle for effective and meaningful digital marketing, and is a pleasure to work with.

Scott Sphar

Steve is one of the most smartest and patient men I know. He has built his empire of analysis in a far away land and yet manages to own his field wherever he goes.

A respected businessman, not afraid to lead by example and make hard decisions when push comes to shove.

Markus Sandelin

Steve has always been my mentor in Web Analytics. Even when I think I finally know something more he comes with another brilliant answer. Great guy!

Kalle Heinonen

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