The Cult Of Analytics

Cult of Analytics enables professionals to build an analytics driven culture into their business or organization. Marketers will learn how to turn tried and tested tactics into an actionable plan to change their culture to one that uses web analytics on a day to day basis.

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The Cult Of Analytics

Who is Steve Jackson (Cap'n Blackbeak)

My mission is to help you use the tactics and techniques that the FTSE 1000 uses to make their 100s of millions or billions in revenues per year.

Over the past 2 decades working with data;

  • I've founded and sold 2 analytics agencies
  • Helped the acquiring companies successfully grow their business in magnitudes worth multiple millions per year.
  • Made my clients 10s of millions in verified earnings or savings personally.
  • Led teams of Analysts who made or saved our clients hundreds of millions in verified earnings.
  • Hired over the course of that time over 100 people many of whom have gone onto leadership positions in large companies or on the agency side.
  • Written 3 books on the subject of digital marketing and analytics.
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The Cult Of Analytics

The Book Details

Through use of the fictitious ACME PLC case, Steve Jackson provides working examples based on real life situations from the various companies he has worked with, such as Nokia, KONE, Rovio, Amazon, Expert, IKEA, Vodafone, and EMC. These examples will give the reader practical techniques for their own business regardless of size or situation making Cult of Analytics a must have for any would-be digital marketer.

This new edition has been thoroughly updated, now including examples out of how to get the best from Google analytics, as well as ways to use social media data, big data, tag management and advanced persona segmentation to drive real value in your organisation. It's also been expanded to include exercises and new cases for students and tutors using the book as a text.

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I can only guarantee that this book will teach you something about building a culture of analysis in your business.

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The Cult Of Analytics

What the thought leaders in the industry say


Steve has spent years down in the weeds, talking to executives and meditating on a mountain. That unique perspective is the main reason Cult of Analytics is such a unique book. Easy to read, easy to follow, easier still find relevant ideas you can implement in your company.

Avinash Kaushik

A great read! I wish I had read this 3 years ago - it would have saved me a lot of time (and pain) at Google! I must admit I was initially not enthused at read another potentially dry analytics book, but this is really engaging right from page 1.

Brian Clifton

Web Analysis is central to the success of most modern organisations. However, operationalising the insights gleaned and the next actions to take are what hold back many from reaping the benefits of web analytics. The Cult of Analytics is a must read from someone who is not just sharing hope and theory but someone who has actually done it for others and is willing to show you the way.

Bryan Eisenberg

Steve Jackson draws on years of experience to show how to improve results from digital channels without being overly technical.

Dave Chaffey

Creating a competitive advantage based on web analytics includes a shift towards the true data driven organisation. This shift demands that you master your web analytics technology, but more importantly that you understand how to derive insight from all this new data and that you have a setup and an ability to execute on the insights.

For the above nirvana to happen, you need two books, one on your technology, the other, without any doubts, the Cult of Analytics!

Dennis Mortensen

In Cult of Analytics, Steve Jackson gives you an all-encompassing overview of web analytics, everything from tool selection to segmentation. This book will help you come up to speed and is the perfect guide for those new to the subject, but even experts will learn something new.

Steve's work focuses on how to build an organisation that will promote actions from web analytics data, how to develop KPIs, and how to combine clickstream data with other data sources. I have experience in applying several of the techniques used in the book and can testify that they work. Building on years of experience Steve makes the case for analytics-driven business.

Lars Johansson

Great job, useful insights & smart pieces of business thinking tied to practical tips and tricks. Chapter 9 is the masterpiece of the work. The quality of chapter 9 was a pleasant and unexpected surprise at the end of your book. You have a very personal style with a strong focus on marketing, especially with the REAN. The examples in chapter 4 – Quick wins shows the importance of customer process optimisation and how the online channel is much more than media & marketing.

Very good!

Seppo Roponen

When I first wrote Web Analytics Demystified and The Big Book of Key Performance Indicators it was difficult to tell how deeply engrained in business culture web analytics would eventually become. Now, nearly five years later the question has been answered and the best companies around the world are actively working to better understand the online opportunity through better measurement. Steve Jackson in Cult of Analytics has provided a necessary update to much of my work providing one of most broad views of analytics in the Enterprise available in print.

Steve covers the topic of analytics at a variety of levels --- from corporate adoption of analytics down into the depths of key performance indicators --- providing clear explanations throughout.

I have always known that Steve is one of the best and the brightest in our industry, Cult of Analytics will clarify that for the rest of the world.

Eric T. Peterson

The long awaited classic. Much needed and wanted. I have been waiting for this book a long time and now I was finally given the opportunity to read Steve's first published book. The Cult of Analytics is by definition a classic as it will become a reference book for people working with web analytics and online marketing optimisation. It is required reading for those wanting to avoid the pain they would face if they didn't read Cult of Analytics.

The book follows its own underlying theory, the REAN model. First the book cover, name and reviews grab your attention, the first chapter hooks you and I promise the following chapters will keep you going. The processes, best practices and templates make you want to test them... you’ll be asking do they really work, and finally, you’ll see they do and will be satisfied with Cult of Analytics.

In The Cult of Analytics Steve provides you with an exploration into a leading analysts mind and reveals the diamonds he has been uncovering over many years. I honestly believe this book reveals some of the secrets of Web Analytics consultancy that needed to be published.

Kalle Heinonen

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