10 tactics that have a BIG EFFECT on Sales or Leads online

Yesterday I alluded to 4 business questions you could ask of your data

Yesterday I alluded to 4 business questions you could ask of your data and then said that today I'd show 10 ways to go about measuring them.

The four questions were

Are my audience (prospects) interested in what I’m doing?

Is my app or website easy to buy or sign up to my product?

Am I able to help people make decisions?

Am I focusing on the right audience?

As promised here are 10 methods to help answer those questions in your analytics tools.

  1. Bounce rate (in GA4 its now called Engagement) analysis (Is the audience interested? poor engagement or high bounce rate is a sign they are not in commerce or lead generation sites)

  2. Exit page analysis (Are people leaving at any specific point? Is there something wrong with that part of your website or is it good they leave there?)

  3. Shopping cart abandonment. Are people leaving at any specific point in the shopping process? If they are start testing alternatives to calls to action and copy.

  4. Call to action (Are people clicking your links, buttons or images to find what you want them to find?) Again testing is key here. I've seen colours, copy combinations, link and button sizes all make massive differences to click through.

  5. Social effects (Does adding testimonials help people make a decision) Test before and after and measure conversion lift.

  6. Risk reversal methods. Does a money-back guarantee help people make a decision? Test before and after again.

  7. Loyalty programs. Make it easy to keep buying. Do your offers resonate with customers?

  8. After-sales process measurement. Make it easy to keep buying. Have you got a way to engage customers and involve them in the process?

  9. Traffic optimization. Focus your message on the right channel. By analysing traffic against conversion and engagement you can determine where you should focus your efforts.

  10. SEGMENTATION. Focus your message on the right people. The most important tool in any analyst's toolbox is learning how to segment traffic and compare the differences. There will be a whole chronicle about segments.

If you have any more questions about what you'd like to find out drop me a line

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