5 Reasons we lost 5-6 cases a month

Learn why we lost 5-6 pitching cases per month

When I was leading an analytics agency we would regularly lose about 5-6 pitching opportunities a month.

  • We were rejected on price (too expensive)
  • The tooling we used (we were considered experts at one thing but not another)
  • For being too niche a service
  • For being too small to be hired
  • We lost to good competition.

Many other reasons too.

But we found out the majority of them and kept going.

We kept refining who we aimed at to waste less of our time on cases we would likely lose due to those reasons.

On average we won about 3-4 cases per month.

The thing is when you consistently win 3-4 cases a month you can build a business around that.

Life is about consistently showing up and shipping.

That's true whether you run an empire or are a one man business.

Running a company of 30 might mean doing 10 pitches a month, winning 4 and delivering on what you sold.

Being a solopreneur might mean winning 1 pitch a quarter, or demonstrating your expertise on social media channels every day.

If you don't show up, you can't join in the fun.

Are you consistently showing up? Respond in the comments and I'll answer and follow through on your post too.

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