Abandoned shopping carts - a retailer's puzzle or a goldmine?

A big issue with website or app conversion rate is abandoned carts.

One of the biggest issues with website or app conversion rate is abandoned carts.

About 90-99% of people visiting a website leave at some point without purchasing.

You can turn the problem into an opportunity by using data analytics, with tools like Monetate, nosto, Optinmonster, Hotjar, and many others.

I'm not affiliated with any of these companies (though I like Nosto cos they're Finnish and rocking globally) so this isn't an endorsement, just saying you might want to try them.

Each offers reasons why customers abandon their carts and then trigger actions to help you get them back.

  • Is it price concerns?
  • UX issues?
  • Unexpected Ninja Cat attacks?

I recall one client using one of these tools years ago got the amount they invested in that tool back in two months.

I'm not naming it because it was nearly a decade ago, I don't know their pricing today, but then it was €50K+ annually.

They made more than that in conversion lift in 2 months.

I understand some tools like Nosto do the same thing but only charge a fee per transaction through their system (with a minimum fee of $99 a month) so it's a no-brainer.

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