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What I wish I'd known about data and analytics at 24

What I wish I'd known about data and analytics at 24

Or the beginning of my career.

I pretty much got into data and analytics by mistake.

When I made the mistake I found out something I wasn't expecting.

I managed to turn the mistake to my advantage and help a company make decisions with data.

Since then I have made loads more mistakes.

But whilst screwing up left right and centre over 20 long years I managed to come up with a system.

A 4-step process that anyone who is curious can follow.

Explained in non-geeky language.

If you are an analytics specialist who knows what they're doing, doesn't have any problems communicating with senior management and can get things done in the companies you work for, then this system isn't for you.

If however, you're new to the game or you log into analytics tools and don't know where to start this can move you forward 3-4 years.

If I was 24 and had this book I'd know where to begin. I'd know how to ask smart questions. How to plan marketing and sales strategies. I'd know how to find gems within the data that I could take to the bank. I'd have moved forward faster than I did.

Oh to be 24! :)

I explain everything I just said in depth in the book, along with 4 real-life cases of the things I consulted on, how to spot the clues in your data that point you in the right direction and then once you found a bankable insight, how to tell everyone about it properly so that people ACT!

If you're interested here is the link to the book.

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