Are You Making This Common Mistake When Hiring an Analyst?

Things to watch out for when hiring an analyst

A common mistake many people make is focusing too much on the candidate's technical abilities, while overlooking their (so called) soft skills.

While technical ability is important in an analyst role, soft skills such as communication, problem-solving, and adaptability are equally crucial.

Communication is the big one.

If the Analyst can translate numbers into a story you understand they might be the droid you’re looking for.

If the analyst is parroting the numbers and not explaining the story nor asking why things have turned out as they have, you have a programmer, not an analyst.

It of course depends on the specific role you’re looking for.

But good communication enables an analyst to translate complex data into understandable insights for the non techies.

If they can involve the team in their findings it’s even better.

It's why the interview is key to identifying the best fit for the role.

You need to set the scenario so that you can learn how an analyst might solve a problem or interpret a report.

That will get you the best bang for the buck. Any Analysts reading this?

Easy action point if you’re not already doing it.

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