Doubts about AI's role in SEO and Marketing?

Here's a thought - it's overhyped, and we're falling for it!

We're quick to celebrate AI, but what about the hidden cost?

The loss of human touch, the unpredictability, the dependence.

We're moving towards automation, but at what cost?

Are we ready to trade authenticity for algorithms?

Are we ready to let AI define what our content is?

Personally, I think when you use AI to write you need to edit everything you do if you want to write to sell an idea.

If you want to write copy that persuades that is.

I think most of the content provided by AI is machine spew.

It sounds rubbish

You may get ranked by putting out AI articles.

Not denying that.

It's possible the parroting machine spew you put out makes enough sense to get Google to rank your content.

But if people land on your page and bounce immediately because it is soulless, has no emotional hook and doesn't move the needle forward then you're missing the point.

I doubt very much that AI will help you there.

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