Ever pondered the art of persuasion? Is it more human heart or machine algorithm?

The truth is not that simple

The truth?

It's not that simple.

Automation offers convenience. It schedules posts so we don't need to be on LinkedIn every hour of every day.

But, does the standard AI machine spew drive conversions?

I'd argue no

That's where you come into play.

You who have been working 10 years with the audience understand what they want.

Not the machine. The machine might know "people who bought this also bought" and push another product which might help with sales.

But algorithms lack empathy.

They can't feel. They can be trained to write content. But they aren't very good at selling yet.

I say yet

AI may replace poor copywriters. I think a lot of folks are going to have to up their game and use AI.

But the best conversion will come from the writers who combine their talent, their empathy and their knowledge of what makes their customers tick with the AI tools that make them more efficient.

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