External data that can improve your conversion rates

External data sources are often overlooked.

Here is a public case which outlines the success you can have by looking at public data sources and correlating it with your sales data.

The company was called Narellan Pools and was based in Australia.

It won numerous advertising awards in 2016.

They checked the data they had from the previous year as to when people bought swimming pools and found it usually happened a day or two AFTER a hot day.

This data allowed them to target their specific ad audiences based on importing current weather data alongside their current automated campaigns.

The ads, therefore, were triggered to appear in social feeds a day or two after hot weather in the 49 regions where they sold swimming pools.

The results?

  • The ad agency reduced Narellan Pools’ media spend by over 30%
  • They increased sales by 23%
  • They made a $54 return from every dollar spent.

Great results I'm sure you can agree.

Today it's much easier than it was with the tech we have to do this than it was in 2016.

So check out the things that might improve your sales from external data sources.

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