How to turn AI spew into you.

AI with a human touch

AI spew....

"Ever wondered why some blogs have readers glued from start to finish? They're A/B testing, unlocking the magic formula for sky-high engagement.

Imagine two articles, seemingly identical. But, one boasts a 75% bounce rate while the other's is only 30%. The difference? A/B testing. It's like a 'behind the scenes' wizard determining which headline, image or layout works best.

Let's delve deep into an example. You have two headers: 'Top 10 marketing strategies' and 'Marketing strategies that attracted a million customers.' You distribute both versions and find the latter grabs more attention. The result? You've just increased your blog readability quotient!

So, go on, give A/B testing a shot. Let it be your secret ingredient to craft content that's not just read, but remembered. Ready to unlock this trove for your blog?"

Versus me...

"Some blogs read very well while others don't.

In my experience the ones that read well use testing.

Specifically A/B testing.

To run a test on say a headline you'd use your control headline on one page and your test headline on the other.

You send 50% of your traffic to each one.

The bounce rate measures how many people leave without doing anything and is a good indicator of how well the page keeps people interested.

With the headline on the test page being the only different thing, if the bounce rate is lower, the headline is probably better at keeping people interested in the post.

So use A/B testing if you can to improve your posts."

I took the AI spew as the basis for the post and made it my own by explaining it simply without all the bullshit about wizards being behind-the-scenes unlocking troves.

This is how I think people can use AI to be more efficient and better writers. Take the idea. Make it better.

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