How to turn data into life-changing value

Do you want to know 3 ways data can change your life?

Want to know 3 ways data can change your life?

After two decades of building frameworks, managing projects, selling 2 analytics agencies, writing 3 books and in the process making hundreds of millions in earnings for clients, I firmly believe working with data has changed my life.

Here's how it can change yours.

Decision making

Having data to inform your opinion around a decision is as good as it gets when determining the risk of taking that decision. Data can point you in the right direction.

Creating opportunities

In all the time I've worked in the field there isn't a single situation I can recall where there wasn't any opportunity to improve, either via testing, better use of existing data, marketing improvements or conversion optimisation. You can find and create these opportunities too which leads me to the third point.

Career development

By finding opportunities for your business as well as communicating those opportunities to your colleagues and peers you can change your life. Your boss will recognise a well thought out theory backed up with good data. Your colleagues will come to you asking you how you'd build a business case about xyz. In short your value to the business will go up meaning your career advancement chances improve.

So if you want to learn how to make better decisions, create opportunities for your business and ultimately yourself, get used to working with data.

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