How To Win Friends and Influence People

The 6 principles of persuasion

Robert Cialdini wrote a book called Influence.

It's important to improving conversion rates as it's all about the psychology of persuasion The psychology of persuasion is a field that explores why people say yes to things.

It looks into tactics used by advertisers and marketers to persuade individuals to buy their products. If you understand persuasion you understand how to improve your conversion rate online.

It's then simply a matter of tactics.

According to Cialdini persuasion has 6 principles.

  • Reciprocity. This is when someone does something nice for us and we feel obligated to return the favor. For instance lead magnets.

  • Commitment and consistency. Once we make a commitment, we tend to stick with it in order to maintain consistency. It's about building a brand.

  • Social proof. We tend to look to others for guidance on what is considered acceptable or desirable.

  • Authority. We have a tendency to respect and follow those in positions of power or expertise.

  • Likability. We are more likely to say yes to someone we like or feel a connection with.

  • Scarcity. When something is limited or in short supply, we are more inclined to want it.

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