No-one is talking about sales on LinkedIn

They wax lyrical about impressions but ask 'em about sales! Pff!

People talking about impressions on LinkedIn are everywhere.

My only question is what I ask every client I ever worked with.

So What?

There are differences between the people that talk about getting impressions compared to the people that talk about sales and conversions.

The ones talking about sales do things differently.

  1. They target their market carefully so they aren’t wasting their time. That means they don’t try to sell sand in a dessert.

  2. They relentlessly test their offers, this could be content, images, videos, anything that is designed to engage and convert people. They want to know what combination of offer works best to sell. That’s all.

  3. They constantly optimise their methods. Meaning that if they find something that works they do more of that and less of everything else.

Talking about conversion there was once a website you could go to which had tips, tricks and a then monthly newsletter sent out to about 10K people back in 2006. It was called the Conversion Chronicles.

So what? I hear you ask.

Well I now put it back online, It's here. You're reading it.

Now you know what to do....

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