People don’t want the raw data

The want insights.

People don’t want the raw data, but instead want marketers to decipher the tech speak for them and present the valuable insights.

Jim Sterne - President - Target Marketing

Raw Data Is Rarely Useful to Marketers

This is why if you can translate the data you see into stories everyone can understand your job prospects will go through the roof.

This one skill early helped me embark upon a 20+ year career in #data, write 3 books and sell 2 agencies.

Far too many analysts focus on the tools, the setups, the packaging or the dashboards when it comes to #analytics.

As an executive you want to understand what is happening, why it's happening and what to do next to improve things.

If this skill is there in the analyst you can forgive now being an absolute wizard at SQL.

Insight generation is the best skill you can have in my humble opinion when it comes to #data.

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