Vision and Culture

In order to have culture you need vision

Every transformation I’ve witnessed which worked had one very powerful common denominator.

A strong vision as to why you're doing it in the first place.

Take the internet.

In the mid-1990s (yes I'm old enough to remember) everyone could see how important the internet was going to become.

  • Cost savings in comms.
  • The global marketing opportunity.
  • E-commerce.

The vision of becoming more efficient and selling stuff to people on the other side of the world was possible for every business.

So it was widely adopted

If the vision you have about your brand's growth aligns with why you want to measure it then it has a great chance of success.

If you want to build a culture of analytics, testing and data-informed business growth you need a reason to do so from the top of the business down.

If the vision isn't there it's unlikely you'll get much beyond a testing and playing phase in your business.

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