What does Finnish writing, ChatGPT and Star Trek have in common?

They can all either help or hinder you with search engine optimisation.

Let me explain…

Getting to the top of a search engine when someone looks for a keyword for things that you sell is great for conversion.

Enter our by now well known AI assistant ChatGPT.

Here's 7 ways AI can help you (if you’re smart with it).

  1. Keyword Research and Analysis: AI can identify relevant keywords and phrases you want to be found for.
  2. Content Optimization: AI can provide recommendations for optimizing on-page SEO stuff, such as meta titles, meta descriptions, headings etc.
  3. Content Creation: Tools can generate articles, blog posts, product descriptions and a lot more. Disclaimer: Be careful not to churn out pure machine spew though.
  4. Content Audit: AI can scrape existing content on a website to tell you what could work better. SEO optimisation companies have been using these tools for decades.
  5. Competitive Analysis: Same as number 4 but different. AI can also scrape your competition.
  6. Local SEO Optimization: If you run a local store or outlet or just want to be found by local people for something AI can point out what you’re doing wrong (or right). Again, many SEO companies have tools that do this - but you can now do this for free in ChatGPT.
  7. Multilingual SEO: I recently wrote a perfect article in Finnish and I don’t speak a word of it (well that’s an exaggeration - I can say “Yksi Olut Kiitos”). Have you ever tried writing a well written article in Finnish? Nuff said.

So What?

The point is that all of the above can now be done outside of the search tools that used to be pretty much exclusively used by SEO nerds. You can find all of that out on ChatGPT just by asking it the right questions.

AI can also completely destroy your search optimisation strategy if you do it wrong.

If you just copy and paste the content you get from ChatGPT not only will you sound like commander Data from Star Trek when people read you’ll tank in the rankings as the search engines only promote content which is useful and interesting.

If you’re not interesting or not useful you won’t rank anyway.

But that’s another post.

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