What makes a good survey?

This one could be better but is directionally OK.

What time do you most commonly engage on LinkedIn?

That was my question. I wanted to find out if my audience could give me insight into when I should post for the highest engagement and conversions.

Lets start with the metrics.

  • Impressions 1,485
  • Likes 9
  • Comments 17
  • Survey responses 41

Impressions > for me 1485 is quite high for a single post. I know other people reading this might now be scoffing at this amount but I'm still only 2 months into daily content. Likes & comments made for an engagement rate of 1.75% which is below average for me (normally about 3.5%). Responses of 41 is not bad I think > a generous 2.76% of the measly amount of impressions LinkedIn gave me.

As for the % of answers across the 4 questions.

46% said across their working hours. 27% said the evening. 12% lunch time 15% breakfast time.

1 sign up to the newsletter. 1 book sale. 2 conversions from 1485 > massive 0.135% but it wasn't a sales pitch so fair enough.


Doesn't tell me much really. You could assume from that data that posting between 9-5 was the best solution. Or posting actually between 4 & 5PM would capture people that were engaging during working hours in the evening. Till you actually figure out what evening was.

I had to dig deeper

This is when it starts to get complicated.

Breakfast posters;

  • Finland (8AM) 2
  • Portugal (7AM) 1
  • USA (12AM) 1
  • Canada (12Am) 1
  • UK (6AM) 1

It gets worse

Lunch time assuming 12 noon in Finland

  • Finland (12PM) 2
  • USA (4AM) 1
  • UK (10AM) 1
  • Spain (11Am) 1

So assuming lunch time would be 12 noon everyone would have enough time to see the post, but engage and convert is unknown.

Evening times assuming 5PM

  • Finland (5PM) 5
  • Sweden (4PM) 1
  • Pakistan (7PM) 2
  • USA (9AM) 1
  • Australia (1AM) 1
  • Japan (12AM) 1

So posting at 5PM would only really rule out Australia and Japan from seeing my posts.

Finally the during working hours group

  • Finland (9AM-5PM) 8
  • Australia (1AM-9AM) 2
  • USA east (4PM-12AM) 3
  • USA west (6PM-2AM) 3
  • Switzerland (8AM-4PM) 1
  • UK (7AM-3PM) 1
  • UKraine (9AM-5PM) 1

So this was the biggest group and it tells me that 9AM at least hits 5 of the time zones during working hours of the poster 13/19 or 68%.

This confirms why 9AM was a more engaging time for me than 1.30PM which I have been trying for most of October.


Now while this little study gave some direction, it's probably biased too. I noticed people who said they would engage in the morning, would answer my poll in the evening. So with a better platform (and probably better poll questions) I could get more accuracy into this. However I will switch back to 9AM posts going forward because of this.

Has anyone else made a poll like this?

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