You Need Three Things To Build A Movement

Culture is always wrong

At least in the sense that what you're doing today as part of your cultural norm in your company will be different in a week, a month or a year.

That's because external influence always impacts culture.

Think of all the companies that change their logos to rainbow coloured versions on pride week.

Or companies that changed their colours to reflect support for Ukraine.

Both of these initiatives that caused the cultural changes in a wide range of companies followed 3 core ideas to make the change happen.

  • Urgency. The current culture felt a sense of urgency, i.e. we need to do something now, to a) take advantage of or b) support. If you procrastinate for a year it may be too late.

  • Led Top Town. The cultural change is led from the top of the company. I.e. the CEO or the management board were behind the idea.

  • Actionable. It's easy to do something about it within the current system the company operates in. I.e. changing the logo isn't hard, nor is paying money to supporting charities.

Any cultural change you want to make is easier if you follow these ideas.

So for instance if you want to become a company that acts and thrives on using #data to benefit your company, you might want to create an urgent reason why your management should lead the change to take actionable steps to do so.

A good way is to show a direct cost benefit (or opportunity cost benefit) based on the data you're showing that proves the company is missing out if they don't do that thing you're trying to get them to do.

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